Letter to the Editor

Daily Pilot
May 29, 2006

Our family, the Kapkos, is overwhelmed with loss. We want nothing more than to see Brian again. We long for that phone call that will never come, the deep soulful voice we will never hear. My brother and I will never get to buy him that first legal beer. It’s still difficult to talk about him in the past tense, but alas that (and our memories) is all we have.

Bubba’s untimely, sudden death has left a void in so many lives. But more importantly, and more powerful than that void, Brian’s story has inspired many to change their lives for the better. The stories his friends tell me make me so proud to be his brother. I will always be moved by his unmatched compassion and understanding for everyone he met.

Even more remarkable is the impact Bubba’s life continues to have on those who never knew him. When we read Tom Johnson’s “Fair Game” column on May 12, we were reminded of those fortunes that seem so distant at times. Thank you to Tom for everything he does. We are honored by his eloquent words about Brian and our family. His heartfelt plea for action was so genuine and pure. This “senseless killing” left many victims in its wake, but Tom’s support, along with that of our friends, family and this community, lifts us up and gives us the hope we need to survive each day.

We are blessed to have lived and grown together in this community. I pray that the memories — Little League, Boy Scouts, football, the summer program at Balearic Park and everything else in between — remain vivid in our minds. We lived an amazing childhood in Costa Mesa. The city and its people gave us everything we could have ever
wanted. And the Daily Pilot has been supportive every step of the way.

We urge everyone in the community to reach out to those who need it most. Understand their plight; try to imagine yourself in their shoes.

Love one another, as we all should. And hug your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and moms and dads, every chance you get.

Bubba would like that.

~Matt Kapko, Costa Mesa